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Looking Good Shouldn't Depend On The Weather

 We all know the down side of dressing up for a fun night out is chattering teeth when the weather turns cold. Looking good is your goal  but no need to go from fabulous to freezing with one step out the door anymore. Clutch Cardi has been specifically designed just for you. Now you can dress to impress and keep warm too. With Clutch Cardi's patented design, looking great no longer means giving up your comfort just because it's getting cold. Clutch Cardi can be used for  formals and special event harbour cruises, in transit from the pub and the club, outdoor dining, travel, or just anytime you  feel the cold!


* Clutch Cardi is made from eco-friendly and hypoallergenic Modal fabric naturally sourced from the pulp of the Beechtree. It is soft and silky to the touch,  ultra light weight and with purpose designed thermal properties for added warmth.  It is so durable it will not stretch out  of shape.

* Clutch Cardi comes in it's own compact custom made bag that can be discreetly tucked inside your clutch purse till the moment it's needed.

* Clutch Cardi does not distract from your outfit as it curves under your arms for minimal effect on your dress design.

* Never worry about the hassle of carrying around a cardigan than cramps your style or forgetting where you left it ever again.

* Clutch Cardi comes with easy folding instructions to fit back into it's own custom bag for your next event.